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Why The Persistence of Greek National Opera is Paying Off, Despite Covid

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The biggest lesson that coronavirus taught to Opera singers and conductors is to not to take for granted in-person concerts, operatic performances, festivals, and rehearsals. «Everything has abruptly stopped, and contracts have canceled,» says Vassiliki Karayanni, a soprano from Greece who is in the ensemble the Greek National Opera. Greece is a country where theaters have never been empty, not even during the recent crushing economic crisis. Although the COVID pandemic highlighted that no one is unwinnable, it also proved that everyone is persistent. And now, after months spent struggling, the Greek National Opera, one of the most known organizations in the world, is ready to start over with a series of events at archaeological sites all over Greece, from July 18. «Although Greece has suffered a lot due to the economic depression, the performances have always fully attended,» explains Ms. Karayanni who is also performing the role of Queen of the night in the opera Magic Flute of Mozart in Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen.


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